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A fantastic post from a non-vaper, non-smoker

arrow-headerAllison’s blog is excellent in general but this week’s post is really fantastic.  Most of it is her personal journey married to a smoker, continuing into his discovery of vaping, and her initial opposition, her observations, and how it all turned out.  Very charming and very real.

Also I recommend looking at the comments.

One quote of Allison’s really hit on a serious concern I have, especially with the still-growing Ebola epidemic.  Clive Bates picked out the exact same paragraph, and echoed my thoughts exactly.  I seriously worries me to watch Public Health departments trash their own reputations.

The public’s trust in these departments could be life-and-death someday soon, and I am absolutely appalled at the CDC for not only deliberately misusing the reputation of the world’s foremost leader in defense against deadly outbreaks, but leading local state, city, and county health departments to trash their own reputations — often on video which is then linked and spread worldwide in the vaping community.  

Watching these hapless Health Departments, I’m quite sure they are doing this in all innocence because their expertise is implementing the CDC’s expertise, not duplicating or double-checking it.

I’ll blog about the whole crying-wolf thing after I get my second FDA comment written and sent in.

3 comments on “A fantastic post from a non-vaper, non-smoker

  1. Yes, that is an excellent blogpost – and by a non-smoker and non-vaper, no less.

    I fully agree with what she has written here:

    //Two years later my trust in public health has evaporated. I am so dismayed at the misinformation released from trusted organizations. I can’t believe the amount of evidence they are willing to ignore and the ease at which negative hypotheticals are accepted as fact.//

    Same here. Same for any vaper who has seen the lies and fearmongering spouted by so-called “public health” so-called “experts'” against e-cigarettes. Same for all my friends (including non-smokers and non-vapers) who have read this fearmongering crap while knowing the truth and being happy about my vaping instead of smoking.

    Those so-called “public health” so-called “experts” are making themselves a laughing stock. Liars and cheats, the bunch of them.

    And this is not the first time. Here in Europe, most people only sneered at the oh-so-horrible and oh-so-deadly swine flu “pandemic” a few years ago. And no, we did not let anybody inject some crap into our bodies to “protect us” against that trumped-up, nonexistent “pandemic”. And yes, we are all still alive. Because that “pandemic” never materialized. It was all a manufactured hysteria to make goverments purchase a bunch of ineffective “vaccines”. For millions of taxpayers Euros (European currency).

    Would you buy a used car from those so-called “public health” so-called “experts”?
    I would not even accept a glass of water from them. Because it would probably be poisoned. So that the Pharmafia can sell me the “antidote”.

    That was a view from Europe.


    • karyyl
      August 3, 2014

      It was not advertised as a pandemic here. But we had deaths, in California, and especially deaths of pregnant women. So I stood in line from 2am until 7am when my 6-months-pregnant daughter could come take my place in line and get a non-mercury-containing swine flu shot.

      I’ve also seen my grandson have to get antibiotics unnecessarily 4-5 times because a day-care teacher who was not vaccinated for whooping cought started an outbreak at his daycare, and any child coughing was not allowed to attend unless he was on antibiotics, even if the doctor said it was only a cold. The reason: 2 of the children who came down with whooping cough at the center were originally diagnosed with “only a cold.” There were no horrible cases from his daycare but there were 3 deaths of infants under 3 months old in California that year.


  2. Yes, I do believe in vaccinations against whooping cough and other childhood diseases. Those diseases occur often – if people do not get the vaccinations – and they are not harmless at all.

    However, the media in my country screaming about some possible swine flu “pandemic'” and bringing up the example of the Spanish Flu of 1918 – that was just ridiculous. Compare living conditions, nutrition and health care of the years 2xxx and 1918 – right after the end of WW1. Nonsense. I do not fall for fearmongering in the media. And neither do most of my friends.

    Oh, and the swine flu shots available to the general public in my country were not the good, more expensive, ones purchased for the army. I can understand pregnant women getting vaccinated – but the general public? Me? Hell no.


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