Gratitude. Grr! Attitude!

Grateful for my vape. Doing battle with the Alliance of Naysayers.

Vapers! Avoid Turbo tax! Two others are just as good and don’t boycott vapers.

no-turboVapers! Avoid Turbo tax! H&R Block is just as good and they don’t boycott us.  And TaxAct got the best reviews!

Here’s a link to PC Magazine’s reviews:,2817,1904319,00.asp

The three solutions reviewed are roughly comparable in terms of the mechanics of preparation—they all use a question-and-answer format that progresses through dozens of screens. You simply answer the questions, and they do all the calculations and drop your answers into the correct fields on IRS forms and schedules.

And here is H&R Block’s website where I download my software from:

Actually I like H&R Block better than TurboTax anyway, and I have been using them for 3 years now, but that’s not the point.

Intuit, maker of Turbo Tax, has decided to lump vapor in with tobacco products.  Now if we were only talking about a TOS for ‘point-of-sale’ in order to prevent themselves from having to worry about sales to minors, I could understand that.  But that is not what this is.  They’ve decided to terminate WHOLESALE services to adult business owners, and given 2 weeks notice.  Their excuse is non-existent  and/or inapplicable federal and state and legislation.

So why don’t WE give THEM 2 weeks notice?

If you filed an extension and are just now getting around to your final 2013 filing and have not yet bought your tax software, take a look at the reviews and consider not supporting someone that does not support your right to life!

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Gratitude. Grr! Attitude!

Grateful for my vape. Doing battle with the Alliance of Naysayers.

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