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John Ashton: A Model for the Public Health Profession

After reading RedHeadFullOfSteam’s article ( about  the Lancet’s endorsement of John Ashton as a refreshing leader of the UK Faculty of Public Health, which sets the behavioral standards for Public Health employees, I wish to thank the Lancet for their excellent insight.   Per RHFOS, the Lancet said

And so, on what is, in reality, a very mixed background of progress and (let us admit it) failure, we need to support a strong Faculty of Public Health—the home of over 3000 public health professionals—and a strong President of that Faculty. I am glad the Faculty’s Board has backed its President. Let’s now move on to more important matters.

Now, I think it is wonderful that the Lancet endorses the idea that the Public Health profession take off their masks and be honest about what they are really up to.  That they just come out of the closet as a scientifically-illiterate sports club that thinks their (unprintable) opponents should simply forfeit all right to science, civil liberties, our place at the table, our ability to breathe oxygen without supplements.  Let them  stand forward as the Big Pharma supporters they are.  And they need to PROUDLY proclaim their right to promote the Big Tobacco agenda while at the same time putting on a show of hating it…after all, non-smokers don’t need patches, Chantix, NRT, etc,   Therefore, all the Public Health efforts for force smokers to be uncomfortable without NRT everywhere except on their own back porches will be for naught if nobody smokes.   No suffering, no Public Health jobs medicine needed!

Such unprecendented transparency would be a tremendous boon to the public,  who would then  be able to make healthier voting and public spending choices.

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Professor Ashton went on a (now-mostly-deleted) bigoted, obscene, rant after his pseudo-science was criticized online.

There are some captured excerpts of the converation here:

Then he deleted the worst of it, brought in some nasty anti-PH comments collected across previous years and presented them as, well, present, and apologized for the worst of his language, and was reinstated.

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Gratitude. Grr! Attitude!

Grateful for my vape. Doing battle with the Alliance of Naysayers.

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