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Grateful for my vape. Doing battle with the Alliance of Naysayers.

The CDC has no idea what Grandpa meant to you and the kids.


The CDC thinks the  imaginary*  risk that non-smoking youth might take up e-cigarettes outweighs all the advantages that grandparents give to children, including supporting the parents in their child-raising efforts, creating community, modeling values, holding history.

In other words, they don’t think you and your son needed Grandpa very much.

This is a huge experiment, and it is not fair to ask our children to pay the price* for that,  for the hypothetical** benefit of adult smokers.” –Tim McAfee of the CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health, speaking against e-cigarettes at the U.S. Senatecommittee hearing on e-cigarettes.

* The price is imaginary, per gov’t statistics that the CDC has in hand:

** The benefits are not hypothetical:

Do your parents smoke or vape?  Let your Senators and Representatives know you  disagree with the CDC and want them to have a less-harmful way to live longer.

4 comments on “The CDC has no idea what Grandpa meant to you and the kids.

  1. Tamara Chapman
    July 23, 2014

    Exactly. That was one of the arguments that we relayed to a city council here in Colorado. That we want to be around for our children and our grandchildren. Don’t discourage those of us who have found an alternative to coughin nails.

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  2. Wendy Morelli
    July 23, 2014

    Putting a person with zero empathy in charge of policy governing large populations is far more dangerous to me than allowing a raging drunk to enter the cockpit of an airliner. It would behoove the CDC to look at the current anger in the populous as an epidemic. They will find the cause of a great deal of that anger stems from a sense of powerlessness with the erosion of individual rights the disenfranchisement visited on them and the draconian march against self-determination….

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  3. susyn
    August 6, 2014

    I always wondered what would happen if the angst from liberals ever met up with the anger from the tea party. I suspect we’ll find out soon enough. I think the FDA and Congress is under estimating the results.

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  4. G.j. Cox
    April 5, 2015

    FDA, CDC, Am. Lung Assn., Am. Heart Assn., etc., etc., are all funded in part by pharmaceutical companies and/or cigarette taxes. They want you to keep smoking or use the costly and ineffective NRT’s to keep their funding and their jobs! Go to or to find out the facts, the most recent tests/studies by unbiased institutions/doctors, and personal stories of so many people who quit smoking AND improved their health by vaping. The FDA by court order recently had to relieve 4 people of their board duties because of conflicts of interest. All had worked closely with the pharma companies. 2 yrs. quit of a 53 yr. smoking habit here. It was easy and tasty and NO side effects. I like fruit and bakery liquids most of all. 🙂


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Gratitude. Grr! Attitude!

Grateful for my vape. Doing battle with the Alliance of Naysayers.

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